Hi, welcome to my pages on the cipher space. If you reach here, you may already know who I am. And you can always read AboutMe to find more :)

FreeBSD is my OS of choice and on this FreeBsd page you can find something I wrote and other resources.

Emacs is my editor of choice and I'm living in Emacs, (and FreeBsd too!). For the time being there's no a Emacs page yet but you can browse my Emacs related blog to see how I use it.

On spare times I like to travel around. However I'm a lazy boy and seldom write my feelings down. The only one available now is A trip to The Three Gorges and it's in Chinese. If you can't read in Chinese, you can check out my photo gallery about The Three Gorges. There are also photos I took when I travelled to Mountain Lao and Mountain Yi.

The last, but not the least, for the good memory of my cats, they hold a place on this site too.