My primary mail address is Feel free to drop me a line if you find anything interesting here.

Please note that I have some pretty strict anti-spam rules. So if you haven't got a response from in a timely matter, say, in two weeks, there is a good chance you mail is filtered away. Please send it again. Sorry for the inconvenience, I have to protect myself.

Please avoid sending me Word or Powerpoint attachments. If you are a free software fan, please read how We Can Put an End to Word Attachments, if you don't care what free software is, please read why sending word attachment is not good for you. Anyway, you are sending mails to me and I won't bother myself reading a Word or Powerpoint attachment most of the time.

Also I prefer plain text mails than HTML mails. I read my mails within a terminal sometimes so I config my mail client to strip all the HTML stuff. So all your fancy colors and fonts are lost and becomes a waste of bandwidth and disk space. If you think colors and fonts are necessory, please consider sending me HTML or PDF attachments.

If you want to secure the info sent to me, here is my GPG key. And you can also find it on,, and The key ID is 77B67874 and the finger print is

8D7C F82D D28D 07E5 EF7F  CD25 6B5B 78A8 77B6 7874

Hmmm, it's pretty complicated to send a mail, right? *_^