Firefox: view source in your favorite editor

There is a nice tip about how to change the default source viewer to your favorite editor on And if you want to keep the default view, but use your favorite editor in another time, you are not along:
Just go and get the web developer plugin. And go to options->options in the […]

force download dialog to show up

This is a brief version of this article. It is not easy to find the right keyword for Google unless you know how.
The key is to set both content-type and Content-Disposition header. Here’s the code from the web page above:
// Set the headers.
res.setHeader("Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename=" + filename);
By setting content-type to x-download, most browsers won’t guess […]

An interesting web editor
Pretty cool. But I’m afraid I won’t need such a powerful thing. Plus it’s slow for me and looks doesn’t support Chinese well, though it said it support Chinese.

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Use specific tag when writing CSS

Or I’ll get un-easy find bugs. Here is an example:
I want to seperate the color and layout of CSS definition, so I can easily add different styles. So I have:
In color.css
border: red;
And in layout.css
border: 1px;
Then in style.css
@import "layout.css";
However, when the page is rendered, the table border still get the inhired color, not the red I […]

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