Quake like terminal with Fvwm


What do we want
Accessible with a single key stroke
Available on all virtual desktops
No Title, No border
Transparent background
Not shown on task-bar, task switch, or Alt-Tab
And finally, nice animation


Well we already have many quake like terminals already:


But what if you don’t like loading the whole KDE libraries to get
this? Or, what if all those programs lacks some […]

settitle and screen

While I work on command line, mostly remotely, there’re two tools I like very much: settitle and screen. The first one change the terminal titles, so I can know which one to choose when switching among my X windows. The other, screen, well, have got lots of articles about it. It enables me to run […]

transparent terminal

Well the maintainer updated x11/nvidia-driver today and my 7300GS is officially supported. So I decide to find something to push the GPU.
I’m not a graphic designer and I don’t play 3D games. The only graphic thing I can think off “cool” is a transparent terminal.
I’ve used mlterm and Terminal. The feature I like most is […]


There are many shell interface within Emacs, shell, eshell, and ansi-term can call the shell you like. IMO eshell is the one intergrated with Emacs the most and I use most.
The most intergration that the others don’t have (to my knowledge) is that we can call lisp functions within the shell. like input
message "Hello, world!"
will […]

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