an introduction to openssh part 4 — SSH on Windows

It is ideal if we can live in a Unix only world. However sometimes we’ll need MS windows. In this part we’ll talk about using OpenSSH, or SSH in general, on MS Windows platform. On the OpenSSH Alternatives for Windows page, there is a list of available free/open source software. We’ll talk about the two […]

IPod, again

Well, although I have no problem using IPod on my FreeBSD box, I got another question: my wife want to manager her IPod on her company notebook, which runs Windows and not allowed to install iTunes.
After some digging on the Internet, I found Yet another iPod manager. It runs on Max, Windows and Linux, and […]

portable anti virus software

Well keeping an USB key with my is pretty convience. It is pretty convience for the virus to travel via my USB key too. So having an anti-virus software on my USB key is a must.
And what I found is portable clamwin. Like most anti-virus software it can download the latest virus definition file from […]

pstart - starter for USB key

Well it’s easy to get more and more apps with me on an USB key, it is not easy to start them: I’ll need to go through the folders and find the .exe that I want.
pstart fixed this. It is a program starter, and build with USB key in mind. Not only being portable itself, […]

SSH client

The first thought that I need a USB key is that I’ll need to maintain my servers in case of emergency, not in front of my desktop. As my servers are running FreeBSD, the most important thing I’ll need is a SSH client.
Among the open source clients, sshwindows and putty are the most popular two. […]

portable Firefox

As most people who don’t use M$ windows as their desktop, Firefox is my favirot web browser. It is a good idea to keep one on my USB key.
Fortnately someone has done a binary build that suitable for a USB key, that is Portable Firefox. It is in pretty good shape so I have no […]

The choice of editor

The first thing for my USB key is a good editor, and this turns out to be the hardest.
As I am an Emacs user, the idea thing is to bring Emacs with me. However, it is too laaaarge for a USB key. It’ll take half of my 256M key, and I’ll have severl MB of […]

my usb key

Well as my notebook is getting old, and pretty heavy, I’m trying to find out a way to do my work when I’m not in front of my desktop.
A USB key looks like the most light weight solution so late last year I’ve got my self a unibit 256M one. . The picture is taken […]

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