Keyboard Navigation in Firefox

I don’t think I need to say anything about why we want to use the keyboard over a mouse: All the geeks love it, and it’s just more efficiency.
However when we come to web visiting, it is not easy to just use our keyboard. Of cause we can use text based browsers like links, w3m, […]

Firefox: view source in your favorite editor

There is a nice tip about how to change the default source viewer to your favorite editor on And if you want to keep the default view, but use your favorite editor in another time, you are not along:
Just go and get the web developer plugin. And go to options->options in the […]

Google left hand search navigation

Google Experimental Search is a good place to find interesting things
if you are using Google. And today I found their left-hand search
navigation is interesting. As the name suggested, it added a navigator
on the left, so we can easily search in blog, news, etc.
And many people using Firefox are using the quick search. To add this
feature […]

get annotation from firefox

Most of the time I use Firefox to visit my ticket system and making a task there is not as easy as in w3m.
Here’s how my way of getting the annotation improves:

At the very beginning I just copy the URL from Firefox and paste to w3m-browse-url, and make annotation there. This is not very convience, […]

google feeling lucky

Firefox has the google feeling lucky feature build in. For example, if I type “freebsd amd64″ in the address bar, it will bring me to the FreeBSD amd64 project page, and if I type “fvwm manual” in the address bar, it will bring me to the FVWM manual page.
This is, because when Firefox find out […]

Just like Emacs

With extensions Firefox is really customizable. But writing extensions is not easy: We’ll need to learn a lot of things like XUL.
The good news is, with key config and grease monkey, easy scripting like in Emacs is possible.
Grease Monkey allows several script to run when the current domain match a regrexp, which is perfect for […]

conquer plus drag de go

Well there are many context sensitive search plugin available for Firefox, I won’t use most of them because my context menu is pretty long even after Menu Editor tweaks. So I’d use web search pro. The thing I like most about this plug in is that I can drag my selection a little bit, and […]

tab switching

Tabed browsing is one of the most outstanding feauter from Firefox over IE. So here’s how I switch tabs:

Most of the time I just swith to the left or right tab. I use the f4kc_NextTab and f4kc_PrevTab from the functions 4 Key Config extension.
When I have some more tabs, I use the switch tab function […]

mouseless browsing

I’ve used Mouseless Browsing when I don’t have a mouse present. However it is not good enough for dayly use because:

I don’t have a number pad and it’s hard to type numbers as my hands will slightly move away from its main area.
The default style makes the page a little crappy.

However today I’ve found another […]

handle ed2k links

Well it’s almost the same as let Emacs handle mailto: links. But we use amulecmd to handle the ed2k link this time.
A small script myamule looks like
amulecmd –command=”add $1″
And in Firefox, set network.protocol-handler.external.ed2k to boolean true, and to string /path/to/script/myamule. Firefox will ask if you want to use this external program, if you don’t […]

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