install Minix CD-ROM-2.0 on qemu

While when I doing the “2008 plan” I found there’s something I didn’t finished last year. Among them is learning the Minix code. I’ve read all the principle chapters, and left reading the source code behind and never finished that. So to make a good start for this year, I decide to make a test […]

handle ed2k links

Well it’s almost the same as let Emacs handle mailto: links. But we use amulecmd to handle the ed2k link this time.
A small script myamule looks like
amulecmd –command=”add $1″
And in Firefox, set network.protocol-handler.external.ed2k to boolean true, and to string /path/to/script/myamule. Firefox will ask if you want to use this external program, if you don’t […]


There are many download related extensions. And I use several of them.
The one I use most is download statusbar. It prevent the official download manager from showing and jsut use one line above the statusbar to show the download status. Basicly, that’s all I need: How many time is left before the download is finished. […]

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