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Copy file in the order of their name

Last weekend I got myself a small MP3 player called Q12.
I really like this small one cause I can carry it everywhere and save me some time while I’m walking or waiting.
It support file/folder visiting of the files, and not support MP3 tag and organized with artiste, album, etc like Apple IPod. This is […]


I gave Pylons a try today, followed the turorials, read some
documents, and compared it with my current Python web frame work of
choice: TurboGears.
Though many people say good words for pylons, I believe TurboGears is
still a good choice for me at this time:

TG is one year older than Pylons, which means more stable most of
the time
TG […]

Dynamic handling of ‘virtual file names’, or URL paths with file extensions

Well TurboGears uses CherryPY as the URL dispatcher. And by default
it uses the object structure as a tree like structure for the URL
paths, like the file system structure.
This works fine most of the time. However, the Python function name is
quite restrict than what we can use in an URL. For example, the “.”
character is […]

Bicyclerepair man: a refactoring code browser

On my way of finding a tool to easy find defination/reference of Python code, I found Bicyclerepair man. First I just use it to find definatins and references. And after some hacking, it works pretty good with my Emacs.
After reading some document, I find it opens a BIG door: it’s a tool to help me […]

quixote is not ready for python 2.5

I tried to upgrade to Python 2.5 today, however, some of the packages I use daily is not ready, including quixote.
At least on change in compile.ast.From makes quixote 2.4 not working in Python 2.5.
I think I’ll stick with Python 2.4 till more packages come to work with 2.5.

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challenge 6, continued

A year has passed since I visited Python Challenge the last time. And it’s not easy to start it again I’ve got a project that deals with Python image process, so I spend some time on the PIL handbook. And after that, I think trying this challenge is a good practice
However after […]


Captcha stands for “completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart”, which is the small images we usually see when registering or logining to some systems like free email. It is developted to protect from robots. See the wikipidia page for detail.
There are several Python packages implementing this:

A cook book reciept on […]

compare strings disregarding whitespace without RE

There is an interesting topic in the python.list about comparing two strings deiregarding whitespace without re. As the discussion went on, there cames two different requirements:

normalize whitespace That is, “a\n b c” == “a b \n c” but “ab c” <> “a bc”
totally ignore withespace Both “a\n b […]

playsh: MUD like programming environment for pythoner

There is an article on wired news about a new game, playsh. It is like a MUD but you can do python programming in it. Looks a good way to learn Python programming.
I didn’t play too much with MUD in the old 1990s days but this looks interesting. However there are two requirements for the […]

unicode(str, "utf-8") and str.encode("utf-8")

the key is, unicode in Python is an object, unicode(str, “utf-8″) makes that object from an utf-9 str, and str.encode(”utf-8″) encode a string to the utf-8 encoding.
To write unicode-aware python code, I’ll need to:

when getting data, use unicode(str, “the_encoding”) to get an unicode object
use unicode object inside my program, like all internal strings should be […]

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