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Socrates’ Fundamental Principles from Plato’s Crito

P1: We must always act on the basis of good reasons and good
reasoning, not out of fear, mere self-interest, etc.

P1(a): We value the opininons of those who know, not the
P1(b): The principles on which we rely must stand the tests of
time and change of circumstances, and the conclusions we draw from
them must be ones to […]

Top 6 List of Programming Top 10 Lists

Many people do their own “Top 10 list”. This is one of the best I’ve ever see. The original post is at Coding Horror and there’s alot of links there. Plus, The comment is good to read too
Jerry Weinberg: The 10 Commandments of Egoless Programming

Understand and accept that you will make mistakes.
You are […]

Do it now

Today I read a good article about time management. I’ve read plentty time management books but this one remind me one thing I’ve forgot: The power of focus.
For Chinese readers, there is a translation here

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There are three kind of problems: direct, indirect, or no control

No matter which one we got, we have the first step to the solution: Changing our habits for direct problem, changing our methods of influence for indirect problem, and changing the way we see the problems that we have no control.

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P/PC balance

You can’t focus on Production or Production Capability only. I must balance between the two.
AM I focus too much on PC?

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Something from the Captitalism II game

You can’t monopolize an industry unless you are fully ready. Someone can always find some way to break it.
Interdependent is important than independent.
If you want to monopolize an industry, you only need to monopolize the key point of the industry, not everything related to the industry.
Getting money from bank is better than from the stock […]

rich dad, poor dad

Wether you are rich or poor does not depend on who much you own. Have some thing doesn’t mean you are poor or you are rich. Wether that thing cost you money or can bring you money matters. The thing that can bring you money is assets, the thing cost your money is indebted.
The poor […]

the successful mans are similar

<Rich Dad, Poor Dad> says “never say ‘I can’t afford this’, say ‘how can I affort this?’” This is the same as Anthony Robbins “ask a better question”.

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positive thinking is not enough

And not the first thing. Think about the “glasses” example in the 7 habbits video. Befor you think positive, you need to make sure it suit your needs. And how to you know if it fits you? You must know what do you want first.

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The 7 Habits vs Time of Your life

7 Habits focus on what to do and why to do
Time of your life focus on what to do and how to do
So it’s reasonable that “Time of your life” caught my eyes first

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