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Saturday, August 11th, 2007

Well this begins several days ago. When I tried to solve a challenge and I google around, and well, Google give me a result in my own blog. And it turns out that I’ve fixed the problem a year ago :)

So I decide to blog more, rather than one or two posts a month like now. And I’m thinkging moving to another blog system.

Well I’ve been pretty happy with PyBlosxom, and I really enjoy writing my posts in Emacs, with muse. However this time I want a feature rich one. Especially with lots of themes. Cause I’m a developer, not a designer. And changing the colors and fonts etc really are not what I’m good at.

Though I’ve been avoiding PHP for a long time, it looks WordPress could change my mind. After two days hard work, I’ve now switched to WordPress. The blog URL and the category URL keeps the same. However some article URLs changed because WordPress and PyBlosxom have some different idea to replace those non-URL-safe characters.

I’ve go through all my old blogs to add tags. Another thing is to utilize the new code highlight plugin. However this is quite time consuming and I decide to leave it later. I’ll check the code of the post if someone leave a comment there. So, if you are interested in one of my post and want to see the code highlighted, leave a comment :)

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