Dell 2007FP

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

Thanks to my wife, I’ve got a new LCD: Dell 2007FP.

I know wide screen are popular these days, but I still prefer this one: It comes with 1600×1200, which is much better than the 1650×1050 of 22′ wide screen LCDs for programming. I know the 1960×1200 24′ is good, but at this time the price could buy me 2 20′ to make a dual head machine :)

The display is good. The text is sharp, and the image is more cute than my previous 1905FP. What’s more I can see the screen from nearly any angle, with no color difference.

And thanks to my Fvwm no title, no boarder settings, I can now fully utilize the 1600×1200: I’ve get 1024×1200 at the left as my main working area, with an Emacs or Firefox taking all this area, and the rest 576×1200 space on the right could easily holds threee terminal windows rolling, or 2 chat windows. Cool!

And I love this baby!

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