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I’m still alive, so does this blog

I just realized that it has been nearly 2 years that I haven’t wrote anything on my blog. So just an announcement that I’m still alive And so does this blog.
Thanks to everyone that come to visit or even leave a comment. It’s really good to know someone is still visiting my small space.
The […]

mysql tip: finding duplicated records

Found here:
select address, count(address) as cnt
from mailing_list
group by address
having cnt > 1
order by cnt;

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Hacking the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 (on Windows)

Since my primary desktop (running FreeBSD, of cause) got some hardware problems two weeks ago, I have to use Windows for a while. And I begin to think using the extra keys of this keyboard.
The functions all works good after installing the driver. However the zoom button in the middle of the keyboard is… useless. […]

running windows remote desktop client from the windows command line

I’m using rdesktop on FreeBSD to connect to windows servers when I’m at my desktop. However recently I’m in another city and don’t have access to my usual desktop. I have to use public PCs in Internet Cafe to access the internet. However in this Cafe I’m in, they blocked most of the windows start […]

Copy file in the order of their name

Last weekend I got myself a small MP3 player called Q12.
I really like this small one cause I can carry it everywhere and save me some time while I’m walking or waiting.
It support file/folder visiting of the files, and not support MP3 tag and organized with artiste, album, etc like Apple IPod. This is […]

Moved from Qingdao to Xiamen

I know I haven’t updated the blog for a long time.This is because I’ve just moved from Qingdao to Xiamen:

Basicly this is moving from North China to South China. It is amazing how many stuff you can find in a place that you’ve lived for 6 years. At least for me, I found some good […]

Moved to a new data center

I’ve moved my server to a new data center. Hopefully this will make most of my readers (you!) access my blog faster

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Migrating from pyblosxom to WordPress

Well in times of switching blog system, one BIG challenge is to save all the old posts and comments. Fortunately (or not?) for me is that I didn’t get too much comments before. So the only thing I need to worry about is the posts.
At first I found a perl script to migrate from blosxom […]

Switched to WordPress

Well this begins several days ago. When I tried to solve a challenge and I google around, and well, Google give me a result in my own blog. And it turns out that I’ve fixed the problem a year ago
So I decide to blog more, rather than one or two posts a month […]

new way to fight blog spams

I reached Joe Gregorio’s blog today when looking around the net. And besides the nice animation, the author has a clever way to fight blog spams. I’m quoting his/her words below:
You must enter your name followed by something in parentheses, either
an email address or the URI of your web site. For example: If you
don’t […]

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