Logitech LX5 on FreeBSD

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

Last weekend my wife get me a LX5 and I really like it.

Seeing my old mouse going to its EOL and I was looking for a new one. I don’t need those funny functions cause I’m a heavy keyboard user. And with FreeBSD being my desktop all those funny keys will be useless. And my wife insist gettimg me a LogiTech one cause that’s the brand she’s heard about :)

My first choice was the LX7 however it is sold out in all the local stores. So I turned to LX5.

It turns out the LX5 works really good on FreeBSD: All the function keys and the scroll works no matter I plug the reciver into the PS/2 port or USB port. And it is big enough for me to feel comfortable when I’m using it.

The only problem so far is that the wheel is too sensitive. Sometimes when I try to do a middle click, it scrolls my pages away. I think I just need sometime to get use to it :)

I’m using it like 5 minuts per hour so I think the two batteries included will last a year long :)

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