I’m still alive, so does this blog

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

I just realized that it has been nearly 2 years that I haven’t wrote anything on my blog. So just an announcement that I’m still alive :) And so does this blog.

Thanks to everyone that come to visit or even leave a comment. It’s really good to know someone is still visiting my small space.

The reason I stopped writing blog is because I’ve get involved in a really really big project, and got quite busy. The project is still not finished, but is in a good shape. I think I’ll get sometime to update this blog.

The reason I came to visit my own blog is because I was looking for an old article . And the reason I looked for that old article is because I’ve got myself a new PC. With the summer getting hotter and hotter, my old AMD3000+ machine halts several times a day. I know switching to a bigger fan might help, but, well, it is getting slow and the halting is an good excuse for a new one :)

So I go get myself an I5-750 machine, with 4G RAM. It’s much faster than the old one. It is so fast that a buildworld in a FreeBSD on FreeBSD virtualbox client is faster than the real 3000+ machine. I also got myself a Dell 2410 and setup a two-monitor desktop. Finally I can have two 1024×1200 window sitting side by side, it looks really nice :)

So much for the news. I’ll get back and update my blog because again, I found it’s a good for future work if I wrote the tips down.

Enjoy the life and live with passion.

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