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I’m still alive, so does this blog

I just realized that it has been nearly 2 years that I haven’t wrote anything on my blog. So just an announcement that I’m still alive And so does this blog.
Thanks to everyone that come to visit or even leave a comment. It’s really good to know someone is still visiting my small space.
The […]

Using FreeBSD as a network bridge and use dummynet to shape the traffic

Here’s a quick note/tutorial about how to setup FreeBSD 7.0 as a network bridge and use dummynet to shape the traffic, There is a pretty good tutorial on the net but I found it’s rather outdated. So here is mine.
First of all we’ll need to setup FreeBSD as a network bridge.
ifconfig bridge create
This should […]

Never think your password is complicated enough

Last week I was asked to help a friend to check out his server that has been hacked. First I was thinking some kind of PHP leak or SQL injection. But I was wrong. The crack uses some kind of SSH user/password scanner and got his root password.
I find this out because the cracker created […]

File based virtual user settings for Vsftpd on FreeBSD

I’ve done this before with the help of a very good blog entry. But when I tried to do the same thing today I can’t find that page. So I decide to write this down, in case I’ll need it later.
The most problem of setting up Vsftpd with file based virtual user on FreeBSD is […]

Copy file in the order of their name

Last weekend I got myself a small MP3 player called Q12.
I really like this small one cause I can carry it everywhere and save me some time while I’m walking or waiting.
It support file/folder visiting of the files, and not support MP3 tag and organized with artiste, album, etc like Apple IPod. This is […]

Notes on moving mail system to a new server

Well I did this some time ago, I still think writing things done may help if I encounter this again.
To move the mail server to another server, and lost mails as less as possible, here is my steps:
- Set your DNS server so your domains get a lower TTL. Do this as early as possible […]

Using a RAM disk as /tmp on FreeBSD

Since I switched my old server to my desktop, I got a desktop with 4G RAM, and I’m running, of cause FreeBSD-amd64 on it.
However after several days of usage I found I can only use 2G~3G memory on typical days. The rest are free or intact. This might because I’m still using the config […]

Use XKbdOptions instead of Xmodmap in Xorg7.3

I’ve upgraded my desktop machine to Xorg 7.3 recently, and one thing annoyed me: My xmodmap settings that make the capslock key another Ctrl key won’t work.
Searching the web and mailists and I found some reports that for people don’t use Xmodmap, the CapsLock key and the NumLock key won’t update the LED on the […]

Quake like terminal with Fvwm


What do we want
Accessible with a single key stroke
Available on all virtual desktops
No Title, No border
Transparent background
Not shown on task-bar, task switch, or Alt-Tab
And finally, nice animation


Well we already have many quake like terminals already:


But what if you don’t like loading the whole KDE libraries to get
this? Or, what if all those programs lacks some […]

Why the FreeBSD ports system rocks

Well I need to handle some PHP upgrade on a Debian server some days ago, and it turns out to be a nightmire…
Debian is famous for its “apt-get” package management system, and I thought it would be easy. However, it turns out all the packages are binary and have exact version numbers in dependency. To […]

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