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Learning VIM

Well I’m still an Emacs user
The problem is, my Emacs configuration is too complicated and depending on a lot of external tools. It is not easy to get all the things running when you come to a new machine. And Emacs is not on every machine, especially when I was on other people’s […]

Using GDB in the New Emacs 22


Using GDB Before Emacs 22
The new interface with Emacs 22

Using GDB is necessary for every C/C++ developer in the Linux world. Though many gurus like the traditional command line, many people want a more integrated interface. At least they don’t want to do list all the time.
Among the current solutions xxgdb is a good choice, […]

combile switching buffer and open files/directories

Tamas Patrovics posted timid.el a couple days ago, and I find it really useful:
The original goal was to help open history files with find-file. However yesterday he make it possible to use with iswitchb-buffer: The history file list also shows up there.
First of all I rebind some keys cause I don’t like move my finger […]

Get Things Done

Well I’ve used Emacs planner for more than 2 years everyday, and really happy about it.
However, as I got more and more rely on it, I can still find some room for improvement, but not easy to do:

It is all text based. This is good in some way, but bad in some other way. Say […]

get annotation from firefox

Most of the time I use Firefox to visit my ticket system and making a task there is not as easy as in w3m.
Here’s how my way of getting the annotation improves:

At the very beginning I just copy the URL from Firefox and paste to w3m-browse-url, and make annotation there. This is not very convience, […]

emms using mplayer

Well I said I could use music play daemon to play media files within Emacs, there’s something made it uncomfortable: every time I found some new mp3 files, I’ll need to rebuild the mpd database and restart the daemon. This is boring especially when I get one from a friend and just want to play […]

The JED editor

Well this is not exactly Emacs. But Emacs related.
I will always like a lightweight Emacs clone. Emacsclient is good for desktop usage. But for server maintenance, where you spend 10 minutes on a box everyday, you won’t like the 100M monster eating up all your memory.
I’ve been using for this. And today I’ve found […]

trac and planner

Well I’ve used to use roundup as my ticket system. However the intergration of a ticket system and a version control system of trac attract me these days. So I decided to give it a try.
There’s noting to say about installation thanks to the FreeBSD ports system. And it really nice to have the version […]

playing media files within Emacs

Well Emacs itself can’t play media files, it can call an external program to play them. I like have some music as the background when programming, so I have this (stealed from the net)
;;;; A little function that plays marked files in dired with xmms
(defun dired-xmms-play-mp3 (&optional arg)
"play mp3 files marked in dired buffer with […]

interactive with the rest of the world

Though many people says Emacs is an “Operating System”, it is not and still need to interactive with other programs
I’ve talked about how to call other programs from eshell, dired, and view files according to mime types within dired. Besides that, the 2 programs I use most is a terminal emulator and Firefox.
Most […]

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