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Friday, November 7th, 2008

Well I’ve got these toys for some time, but I was pretty busy these days. So here are them all:

- Blackberry 8300. After 7 years, my Simense 3568i stops working. I was planning to get some simple mobile with bluetooth and EDGE, to get the N810 online when there’s no WIFI available, because right now EDGE is the most reliable data link I can get, and in the near future I might switch one of WCDMA, CDMA2000, or TDSCDMA for 3G data link. But well, an oppotunity pops up and I get this fancy mobile. And I got nothing to complain: The screen is good, the keyboard is good, and I might finally get a chance to write some Java code :)

- Nokia N810. This is the key of my new toys. Because I’m maitaining some servers, both Windows and *nix, I need a way to access them when I’m not in front of my workstation. And ofcause I don’t want to bring a laptop with me while shopping :) And IMO, to really do some work, especially on remote Windows machines, I’ll need a 640*480 screen resolution at least. There are a few mobile with this resolution but they are too expensive to me, especially when I’m planning to change to a new phone in the near future. The keyboard is not as good as the BlackBerry but the screen is really good. And with OpenSSH and Rdesktop, I can leave my laptop at home if I travel within 3 days.

- Dell Inspiron 1525. This is a replacement of my 7 year-old Inspiron 4100. This is pretty the low end of the 15′ laptop line, because I have a desktop machine at home and I’ll only bring it with me when I travel more than 3 days, which is very rare. Now the primary usage of it is to sitting in the living room so my wife could watch some movie while I’m working at the desktop :)

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