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rotate the screen

Well I said I could rotate my LCD after upgrade my box, it turns to be really handy.
To get benefit from that, the first thing you’ll need is a monitor that supports rotate. I’m using a Dell 1905FP, and there is a lot of others that could do this.
Then you’ll need a good video card […]

Upgrade my box

Last weekend my box got an upgrade as a birthday gift from my wife. The new hardwares include a Athlon 3000+, a ASAU A8N5X motherboard, and a Gitabyte 7300GS display card. Of cause I choosed the hardware
After replacing the old CY 1.7 CPU and motherboard, there comes a problem: the old power supply […]

interactive with the rest of the world

Though many people says Emacs is an “Operating System”, it is not and still need to interactive with other programs
I’ve talked about how to call other programs from eshell, dired, and view files according to mime types within dired. Besides that, the 2 programs I use most is a terminal emulator and Firefox.
Most […]

awstats and lighttpd

Today I decide to make an access analysis of my web sites, and looks awstats is the most popular open source one.
Installing it is a piece of cake thanks to the FreeBSD ports system. However the documents only specified how to set it up with Apache and analysis Apache logs. Fortunately the lighttpd log file […]

Damm Small Linux

I gave Damm Small Linux a try today. I’ve heard it before but this article makes me decided to try it out.
There are many ways to boot DSL, CD, USB, or from a host OS, as I’m still concerning the many old PCs that can’t boot from USB, I decided to give the embeded version […]


Captcha stands for “completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart”, which is the small images we usually see when registering or logining to some systems like free email. It is developted to protect from robots. See the wikipidia page for detail.
There are several Python packages implementing this:

A cook book reciept on […]

Let Emacs handle mailto:

Well Firefox is a web browser only and it doesn’t come with a mail client, so it will call the system default mailer to handle “mailto:” links.
It is hard to say how to define the system default mailer. It’s different according to your OS: On windows they use registry, in the Unix world it depends […]

CHM viewer

Well CHM is popular on Windows, and people tend to make a compact file instead of sharing all the HTMLfiles, and gain global search as a plus.
However, on FreeBSD, or the Unix world as a whole, it’s not easy to view CHM files cause the format is hold by MS. Most of the work nowadays […]

SSH client

The first thought that I need a USB key is that I’ll need to maintain my servers in case of emergency, not in front of my desktop. As my servers are running FreeBSD, the most important thing I’ll need is a SSH client.
Among the open source clients, sshwindows and putty are the most popular two. […]


There are many shell interface within Emacs, shell, eshell, and ansi-term can call the shell you like. IMO eshell is the one intergrated with Emacs the most and I use most.
The most intergration that the others don’t have (to my knowledge) is that we can call lisp functions within the shell. like input
message "Hello, world!"
will […]

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