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I get the stick in my hand with a needle by myself!

I believe this will be one of the most important time of my life: we all have got a stick in hand and ask someone else to get it out with a needle or something, we all have got a stick out of other’s hand, but how many of us can get a stick out […]


Mkisofs -l -Alable -o dir_name

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people likes peoples like them

The same speed as they speek
The same loudly as they speek
The same percent of eye contact

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no "goal" or "target", use "plan"

When I say goal or target, I don’t know when will I get that, and plant a meaning that I may not get that. Use plan instead, be clear when I want it, and how I will get it.

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effective communication

Language: 7%
accent: 25~35%
body language: 50~60%

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the soap

Watched a small section of <新射雕英雄传>. And it’s really…. Well, I don’t know what to say

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The power of "power"

They do the same: when you want to peak up, do something with your body and speak it out loadly “power”!

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planner man page annotation is not easy to build

There’s no variable that holds the current man page name. So it makes it a bit hard to build a planner annotation

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words of weakness

“Hope” -> “I know”
“if” -> “when”
“problem” -> “challenge”
There’s no problem in my world, there’s only challenge, I like Challenge!

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no "try"

There’s no status of try. I can do it, or don’t do it. If I say try, I’m preparing myself for a failure, and then I will fail. That’s why I can’t say “try” to myself. Do or Don’t, that’s the question.

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