I’m still alive, so does this blog

I just realized that it has been nearly 2 years that I haven’t wrote anything on my blog. So just an announcement that I’m still alive And so does this blog.
Thanks to everyone that come to visit or even leave a comment. It’s really good to know someone is still visiting my small space.
The […]

New Toys

Well I’ve got these toys for some time, but I was pretty busy these days. So here are them all:
- Blackberry 8300. After 7 years, my Simense 3568i stops working. I was planning to get some simple mobile with bluetooth and EDGE, to get the N810 online when there’s no WIFI available, because right now […]

mysql tip: finding duplicated records

Found here: http://mysql-tips.blogspot.com/2005/04/mysql-find-duplicate-repords-example.html
select address, count(address) as cnt
from mailing_list
group by address
having cnt > 1
order by cnt;

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Learning VIM

Well I’m still an Emacs user
The problem is, my Emacs configuration is too complicated and depending on a lot of external tools. It is not easy to get all the things running when you come to a new machine. And Emacs is not on every machine, especially when I was on other people’s […]

Hacking the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 (on Windows)

Since my primary desktop (running FreeBSD, of cause) got some hardware problems two weeks ago, I have to use Windows for a while. And I begin to think using the extra keys of this keyboard.
The functions all works good after installing the driver. However the zoom button in the middle of the keyboard is… useless. […]

Using FreeBSD as a network bridge and use dummynet to shape the traffic

Here’s a quick note/tutorial about how to setup FreeBSD 7.0 as a network bridge and use dummynet to shape the traffic, There is a pretty good tutorial on the net but I found it’s rather outdated. So here is mine.
First of all we’ll need to setup FreeBSD as a network bridge.
ifconfig bridge create
This should […]

Never think your password is complicated enough

Last week I was asked to help a friend to check out his server that has been hacked. First I was thinking some kind of PHP leak or SQL injection. But I was wrong. The crack uses some kind of SSH user/password scanner and got his root password.
I find this out because the cracker created […]

running windows remote desktop client from the windows command line

I’m using rdesktop on FreeBSD to connect to windows servers when I’m at my desktop. However recently I’m in another city and don’t have access to my usual desktop. I have to use public PCs in Internet Cafe to access the internet. However in this Cafe I’m in, they blocked most of the windows start […]

File based virtual user settings for Vsftpd on FreeBSD

I’ve done this before with the help of a very good blog entry. But when I tried to do the same thing today I can’t find that page. So I decide to write this down, in case I’ll need it later.
The most problem of setting up Vsftpd with file based virtual user on FreeBSD is […]


还有什么 比死亡更容易
还有什么 比倒下更有力
用牺牲 证明我们的勇气

还有什么 比死亡更恐惧
还有什么 比子弹更无敌
用牺牲 证明我们没放弃

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